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Buy Medieval Chess Sets

Looking to Buy Medieval Chess Sets? I found the right family chess store for you below. I know them for years. They got great chess products. Just have a look around and check them out.

They offer hand-picked chess sets and accessories. Search for their promotional offers where you can save a lot..

Admire sets imported from Italy, beautiful chess sets in solid brass from Italfama are based on the medieval period in Europe with chess pieces represented by the historical icons of the period. See below!

Pewter Medieval Chess Set

medieval chess set
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Medieval chess pieces that come alive, in pewter! Walnut root board inlay border with rounded corners with laminated playing surface.

These pieces come with a felt underlay on each piece that you, like us, may find is really not adequate for the purpose felts are usually provided, to protect a chessboard surfacing from scratching. You may feel they are fine or you may want to add some felt material on your own. The pewter pieces have an amazing heavy feel and inspiring presence, so it’s a pity the felts are less than impressive.

These beautiful chess pieces above are just an example. The chess store below offers a lot more…

King Arthur Chess Set

buy medieval chess sets

King Arthur chess pieces! Walnut root board with rounded corners and hand-painted men.

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