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Can you give a Checkmate in your Game of Chess? Study the positions below to learn more…

Study the following chess positions here and you will understand how it looks like when the king gets checkmated.

checkmate checkmate
Black’s king is attacked but can’t move out. Look how strong the bishops are. Black’s K is attacked, but he can’t get out, as he is blocked by his own pieces.
checkmate checkmate
White’s K is mate as he cannot move. yes, White is lost, if you open the lines to your King this can happen.
checkmate checkmate
Black has lost, the K can’t move, looks funny, doesn’t it? Black is already finished before he even started…
checkmate checkmate
White has an unprotected first rank and is mate. Black is finished, a quite unusual position.
checkmate checkmate
White King cannot get out to escape the check of the rook. The first rank was weak. The White K is attacked but can’t get out.
checkmate checkmate
Rook gives Checkmate – quite interesting The pawn can’t capture the queen as it is pinned by the bishop.

This is beautiful, isn’t it?


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