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Chess Attack – Don’t attack, when you are not developed

In the following game Black starts a chess attack at all costs and far too early. If you play like that, you are going to lose many games, because to start an attack, when you are not developed and have not castled, is simply chess suicide.

Game 1 – White develops quickly

In the game that follows below White keeps developing pieces like a machine. Soon Black’s position is ruined and he loses a pawn for nothing. With his senseless attacking style he runs with his head against a brick wall without achieving anything at all.

He gives away his bishop pair right in the opening and strengthens white’s pawn structure at the same time.

Develop first and when your position is better and the opponents structure shows some weak spots, then attack.

But when the opponent has a better position than yourself and you still attack, then you just run into an open knife.

Game 2 – White attacks right away and loses.

White thinks he can win a pawn but overlooks the strong move 6…Qd4 which attacks two pieces and threatens to give checkmate at f2.

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