Chess Beginner

by Baker



Can you please solve the attached puzzle. White wins in two moves.

the chess pieces in this chess puzzle are hard to see so I have created a new diagram where pieces are black and white.

White moves - Mate in 2
Chess Puzzle

This chess position is not very realistic as it will never ever happen in a real tournament game because Black would have resigned by now as he is three pieces down..

No real chessplayer would play this position as Black, just a waste of time. He would have resigned long time ago, because among club chess players White would win anyway, it is just a matter of time.

For that reason I don't occupy myself with artificial and unrealistic chess positions like that on my site. This is not real chess but an artificial product of the mind. Call it chess art, problem chess or whatever.

However White plays 1.Rxe4 b2 (or bxN or g2) 2.Qe6++ mate, if 1...KxR then 2.Qf5++ mate

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