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Opening, middlegame, or endgame – whatever phase or aspect of the Royal Game you want to master, his high quality chess courses will give you that DRAMATIC boost you are looking for!

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I am an International Grandmaster from Ukraine, currently rated 2507 FIDE.

I am also a Chess Coach and hold a Master’s degree in Psychology. We produce comprehensive chess courses. Believe me, this is not an easy task.
These UNIQUE chess courses of condensed chess knowledge will quickly turn a weak player into an expert and will create a powerful thinking system which will help you understand chess games and play better in practical chess.

Grandmaster Igor Smirnov’s Chess Teaching Videos are organized like a Chess Academy and will teach you all you need to know in the shortest time possible. His team members work for several months on one chess course. For that reason, the chess courses are at a VERY high level.

Why are these Chess Courses so effective?

  • 1. These chess video courses are very well prepared.
  • 2. They have a theoretical part.
  • 3. They have a practical part.
  • 4. They have a very good description page.
  • 5. They have excellent testimonials.

Flagship Course

We’ve opened enrolment to one of our flagship courses “7 Keys to Victory”. This course will help chess players improve their game and their thinking process during the game. All the ideas are explained with simple examples to understand.

7 keys to victory

One can find A LOT of different chess rules and instructions on how to play chess, however there are ONLY 7 MAIN THINGS which a player should do while playing a game of chess. In this comprehensive chess course, GM Igor Smirnov explains these rules one by one.

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I also recommend the new chess course chess coursesUnlocking Grandmaster Mind
I should mention that the quality of this course is very high, as with all other products.

If you are a beginner at chess, start with this chess course below!

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Reviews about “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”
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I suggest that you first study the courses GM’s Secrets or Positional Understanding. It is better to have a solid knowledge of chess and, after that, study the opening courses.

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Reviews about “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”
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Reviews about “How to beat Titled Players”
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Reviews about “Your Winning Plan”
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more Reviews …
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Other Chess Courses by Grandmaster Smirnov

Chess Openings

8 Aggressive Chess Openings
Master the Grunfeld Defense as Black

Chess Middlegame

chess course
We’ve launched a new course TOP 25 MIDDLEGAME CONCEPTS – a topic that many of the chess students asked for in our recent survey!
This course serves as a guide for average players so that they can enrich themselves with the most essential middlegame concepts that occur in the middlegame.

From Opening to Middlegame
Winning the Middlegame
Middlegame Expert Package
Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style

Chess Endgame

Practical Endgames
Rook Endgames

Other Chess Courses

Thought Process
Exchange pieces like a PRO
Attack and Win
Crushing the King – An attacking chess course
Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point

Chess Players

Play like Fischer
Magnus Carlsen – The Journey of a World Champion
Defending Champion

chess courses
Chess Courses – Package
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…more Reviews about Grandmaster Igor Smirnovs Chess Courses.

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