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Caro-Kann Chess Defense

The Caro-Kann chess defense was analyzed and published 1886 by Horatio Caro and Marcus Kann but the first game was played 1847.

The famous chess master Aaron Nimzowitsch used this opening frequently. For that reason it became popular. This opening was used for the first time in a world championship 1958 by chess grandmaster Michail Botwinnik.

1. e4 c6
chess openings

The Caro-Kann is number 4 of Black’s response to White’s most popular opening move e4.
First comes 1… c7-c5 (Sicilian) second 1… e7-e5 (open games) and third 1. … e7-e6 (French Defense) and then 1… c6 (Caro Kann).

Caro-Kann was used by former world champion Anatoli Karpow, who was known for the Smyslov-Karpov Variation.

Caro Kann was also played by Grandmaster Evgeny Bareev and World champion Viswanathan Anand uses it sometimes.

Caro Kann – Advance Variation

Caro Kann – Advance Variation

Caro Kann – Panow Attack

Caro Kann – Replay Chess Games

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