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Chess Draw

Sometimes it is necessary to force a chess draw to save the game. This usually happens when you drift into a bad and hopeless position that can’t be saved by any other means. If you get a chance to force a draw by repetition of moves (eternal check) then grab it or you will otherwise lose the game.

A Draw can be achieved in the following cases:

1.If the opponents agree to make draw
2.If the position is stalemate.
3.If there is insufficient material left on the board to deliever a checkmate.
4.If a position is repeated three times: for example: eternal check.
5.If you played more than 50 moves without moving a pawn or exchanging a piece or pawn.

Look at the examples below to get the idea.

chess draw chess draw
Black is going to lose so he gives repeated check, when he has reached the same position the third time it is a draw. Here is no material left to give a checkmate. The kings cannot checkmate each other.
chess draw
insufficient material as you can’t checkmate just with bishop and king This is Insufficient Material as you can’t checkmate just with knight and king, so this is a draw
chess draw chess draw
insufficient material as two knights and king are not enough to give checkmate Stalemate, if it is Black’s move. Half a point each because Black is unable to make a move

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