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Chess for Beginners – Replay real Testgames with Comments

Chess for beginners will show you a game played by a beginner. He has the white pieces. Please read the comments about every move and think about it. Try to understand what you should not do and learn by his mistakes.

Formulate your own rules and stick to them in your future games. This way the learned chess principles will eventually stay in your mind. For example if he has made a >silly pawn move< (this is my own term) then formulate a rule like this:

I will not make silly pawn moves in the opening as this weakens my position and wastes development-time.

Game 1 – A game of a Beginner (White) – too many Pawn Moves

White makes too many pawn moves and loses development time.

Game 2 – A game of a Beginner (Black) – the Attacking Mark

Black plays the pawn move h6 and weakens his kingside and he moves a piece twice in the opening. This wastes development time and he can’t get out all his pieces on time to stop the white attack.

White castles long and starts an attack against the Black kingside and uses Black’s h-pawn as an attacking mark to rip off the kingside. He sacrifices his bishop at h6 and Black’s position collapses and the white pieces penetrate to the black king that gets checkmated eventually.

So what do you learn from this game?

1.Develop your pieces (not pawns) as fast as possible. Don’t move a piece twice in the opening. There are exceptions in chess to this rule, of course, as always, but learn this rule to see clear.

2. Don’t push pawns in front of your king as this weakens the kings position and creates attacking marks. Your opponent will use these marks and attack them and rips your position to pieces. Then he will penetrate with his pieces to your king and you will get checkmated or suffer great material losses from which you can’t recover.

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

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