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Chess Games online – Level 6 – Game 1

You are White – Win this Position

Play and win this position below. You (White) have an advantage of 6 pawn units. In chess an advantage is measured in pawns.The advantage of this position below was estimated by one of the strongest chess programs worldwide.

A measured advantage is made up of various elements. This can be material advantage, space advantage, dynamics (having two bishops versus bishop and knight in open position), weak squares and other faktors.

An average club player usually wins positions like this easily because to have a position that is better than six pawns is a very winnable and a good position.

Black has not castled

In this position White is a pawn up and the black king is caught up near the center area and this makes the king very vulnerable as it can be attacked in the future.

White is better developed

The king might escape to e8 or c8, depending on how White plays, but then the rook can’t get out on time. This again will lead to other disadvantages as White is stronger in the center as he has more piece-power developed, so he will be able to move fast and attack different weak spots or weak pawns.

White can develop Rooks faster to control the center

White can develop his rooks fast into the center, but Black is unable to do so. This will eventually lead to an overwhelming pressure in the center that will result in winning more material. After this White can simplify and trade off pieces to go into the endgame where he will win easier and with less risks.

White will win additional material

Black’s problems should enable White to win additional material in the long run as Black is unable to protect against all possible threats versus his king and versus weak pawns (f5 is weak) or weak squares like e6 and g6 or other vulnerable spots that may evolve in the course of the game.

Level 6 – You are White

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