How the Chess Knight moves

The Chess Knight should always be placed close to where the action is. Especially in the center it works fine and attacks eight squares on the board.

But on the edge of the board it is weak, as it attacks only four squares on the board. And to place it right in the corner is just insane, as it attacks only two squares! You are going to lose if you do that!

Keep in mind! Place the Knight into the center.

chess knight chess knight
The Knight attacks eight squares. Do you see that? Here it attacks only four squares. Pretty weak, isn't it?
chess knight chess knight
Boy, it is just controlling two squares! This is just a bloody nightmare. My grandmother plays better Chess than that! Yeah, I love that! Look where the black animal is placed. This is very strong. It is sitting right in the neighbourhood of the enemy King. That's the right way to play chess! It's like a bomb hitting the enemy camp.
chess knight chess knight
It attacks (a double attack is called a Fork) the King and the Rook. Black loses the Rook. The Knight attacks the black Pawns on c4, d7 and g6.
chess knight chess knight
It double attacks the King and the Rook. Here it does it again, the King and the Queen are attacked.

Watch out for FORKS!

A multiple attack is the most dangerous weapon of the Chess Knight.
chess knight chess knight
Another FORK on the Bishop and the Rook. Here another double attack on two chess pieces.
chess knight chess knight
When you start a new game, develop your Knights near the center, don't go to the red marked squares. White shows here that he is a beginner as he developes his Knights to the corner squares.
chess knight chess knight
The black Knight checks the white King. He must move away. It checks the white King. He can go somewhere else OR the bishop can take the Knight away.

chess knight moves

Click on for Knight animation

Always be on guard in a chess game when the enemy Knight comes close to your King especially when it is not alone but supported by the queen.

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