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Recognize a Chess Pattern to find a Plan

Increase your awareness to see structures on the chess board. These guide you to find the right plan.

You have to train your mind to recognize a chess pattern on the board during a game. To become a strong player it is necessary to know all sorts of patterns to be able to use them when a given position in your game arises.

A pattern can be a tactical theme or plans that are available in given pawn structures. The more patterns you know, the stronger you become, as this will make it easier for you to handle many positions in your games.

Patterns have names such as:

  • more space in the center
  • open lines
  • weak squares
  • pawn majority, pawn minority
  • two weak points to attack – the Principle of Two Weaknesses
  • weak kingside
  • weak queenside pawn structures
  • inactive knight at the corner
  • dead bishop
  • weak isolated d-pawn
  • insufficient piece coordination
  • attacking mark
  • free protected pawn
  • bishop pair
  • better minor piece in open position – bishop versus knight
  • better minor piece in blocked position – knight versus bishop
  • break through

and others etc.

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