Chess Positions
Checkmate in One

Here you can train your mind to find the checkmate in one.
Those chess positions are pretty easy, so get your old thinking cap going. I expect you to solve these chess puzzles in no time at all.

Hey! Try to find the right moves first yourself and don't look for the solutions at the bottom!

chess position
chess position
Black moves

Black moves

chess position
chess position
White moves

White moves

chess positions
chess positions
Black moves

Black moves

chess positions
chess positions
Black moves

White moves

chess positions
chess positions
White moves

White moves

Solutions to the positions above

When you have problems reading chess notation then click here!

Pos 1 ...Rd1++
Pos 2 ...Nf2++
Pos 3 Qxh6++ Keep in mind that the queen can't be captured as the pawn g7 is pinned by the bishop e5.
Pos 4 Rh3++
Pos 5 ...Qg2++
Pos 6 ...Qg2++
Pos 7 ...e1Q++ the pawn promotes to a Queen and checkmates at the same time!
Pos 8 Qd8++
Pos 9 Rg8++
Pos 10 Qxf7++

Hint: If you look at a position to solve any chess problems there is a trick of how to do it more efficiently. Here it is.

Don't look at the chess pieces!

You probably ask yourself: How on earth can I solve any chess problems without looking at the pieces at all?

The answer is:

Apply X-Ray Vision!

When you look at certain positions just look at the diagonals of the bishops or at the squares a particular knight. When you see a rook, just look at the files and ranks which the rook controls. And look through the other pieces that are blocking the diagonal or file then you might see often amazing combinations. But don't look at the chess piece itself.
chess positions chess positions

When I see a knight, I see this!

When I see a bishop, I see this.

And now guess where the knight and bishop are placed on those chess boards.

Keep in mind! The square on which a chess piece is placed is NOT controlled by this particular piece!

That means that a knight or bishop is not controlling the square on which it stands, but controls only other squares.

So never look at the piece itself!

chess positions

Look here at the power of the black bishop using x-ray vision! The rook is attacked indirectly, isn'it?

And now guess! What is the right move for black? Yep!

...Nxe4!! then White recaptures Nxe4 and Black takes the rook a1 with the bishop!

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