How the Chess Queen moves

The chess queen is called a -heavy piece- like the rook. It is the strongest piece in chess. It reunites the power of rook and the bishop, because it moves on files, ranks and black and white diagonals.

On the chess board she can be moved any number of squares in a straight line, like a rook, or along the diagonals like a bishop. She captures an opponent's piece by occupying the square on which the piece is placed.

Each player starts the game with one queen. She is placed next to the king. The white queen sits on a white square and the black one on a black square. When you run an attack on your opponent you need her strength. In a chess game it is easier to checkmate the king using the queen as doing it with other chess pieces.

In equal chess positions she has more value than a rook and a bishop together and slightly less value than two rooks. So, don't give your queen for just one piece unless it is the enemy queen.

chess queen chess queen
The queen attacks the rook. You get the rook for FREE. That's a good deal! The Q attacks the rook, but if you take the R then the king recaptures. The value of a Q is two rooks. Don't take it!
chess queen chess queen
The Q attacks the rook and the knight. You have to make an intelligent decision now. You can get the Rook for FREE but if you take the knight the pawn recaptures and you lose your Queen. She attacks the rook, but if you take him that's a bad deal, because the other rook OR the king recaptures and you lose your queen.
chess queen chess queen
Here she attacks the bishop. You get him for FREE, he is not protected. She attacks the bishop BUT if you take the bishop, the knight recaptures and you lose your queen.

Chess Pieces Value

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