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Chess Question

HI, i was playing against my dad and we had just lost our queens and he played an unusual move. He had his pawn on the seventh rank and did not have anything to promote it to yet.

Can he move it to the eight rank and keep it there until he does have a more valuable piece to promote it to.

I am asking because he had a pawn there and moved it to the eight rank, then when I ate his queen, it was his turn and he promoted his pawn to a queen where my king was next to it.

When he did do that he put me in check, I could’ve easily eaten his queen with my horse if it was my turn but he said it was his turn cuz he didnt really move since his pawn was already there.

Thank you

Hi, Benjamin,

Chess is not that complicated.

You can’t wait when you promote. What for? This is against the rules.

Just promote to a queen and that’s it. The queen is the most valuable piece so why promote to something else?

For example: If you promote three pawns then you can have three queens, no problem.

But who plays like that? Usually a good player resigns when the opponent is about to promote a pawn to a queen as he is going to lose anyway unless he has a winning attack going or other compensation for it.

Why wasting time? Rather play a new game instead.

You should learn Chess Notation to be able to give exact coordinates of the chess position or nobody knows what you are talking about..

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