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Chess Sacrifice

Study the chess positions below to understand more about the chess sacrifice.

Possible Chess sacrifices are often hidden in the position. If you overlook them you missed a tactical chance to win the game right away. Train your tactical eye to spot them.

In the following positions there are some hidden tactical possibilities. Try to find them.

In the first two diagrams you can see positions played by a former world chess champion M.Botwinnik. He was unable to find the right tactical moves in the match games and has chosen other continuations in both games. This shows how complex certain chess positions can be at times.

chess sacrifice chess sacrifice
1) Black moves (Smyslow-Botwinnik/Moskow 1958 Match) 2) White moves (Botwinnik-Smyslow/Moskow 1958 Match)
chess sacrifice chess sacrifice
3) White moves (Schaschin-Daschkewitsch/Riga 1955) 4) White moves (Bonsdorf-Liipula/Helsinki 1957)

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