Do You Have Positional Feeling?
Chess Studies

In the following Chess Studies positional feeling is required. It is necessary to choose the right plan in a complex middlegame position.

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chess studies chess studies
chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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1) 1.fxe dxe 2.d4 Rd8 3.Rcd1 Ng6 4.dxe - White can use the f4-square now and the f5-pawn is isolated. (Balashov-Dvoirys, Cheliabinsk ECC, 1991)

2) 1.fxe5 dxe 2.Nxd4 exN 3.Bf4 Be5 4.Qd2 c6 5.Rae1 and White controls f4-square and has positional advantage. (Psakhis - Ragozin, London Lloyds Bank, 1994)

3) 1.Bg5 Nf6 2.d4 c6 3.dxe5 dxe5 4.b5 Qc7 5.bxc bxc 6.Nb5! with advantage. (Tiviakov - Gleizerov, St. Petersburg, 1993)

The ideas for examples 1 to 3 are taken from the book "Dynamic English" by Tony Kosten (Gambit Publications, 2001)

4) 1.g4! Bg6 2.b4! Bxb4 3.axB! QxR 4.Qb3 Rxd4 5.Ba3 Bc2 and now 6.RxQ BxQ 7.b5! would have given white a big advantage. (Capablanca - Czerniak, Buenos Aires, 1939)

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