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Chess Supplies

A passionate chess player needs decent Chess Supplies. I will list some great chess stuff below.

To become a good chess player you need to read Chess Books and download Chess Video Courses created by a grandmaster, who knows what you need to learn to gain understanding and insight, or you will make the same mistakes over and over in every game you play.

chess course

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Electronic Chess Computer

Strongest PC-Chess-Programs


Every real chess player got it. It is a very strong software program developed by ChessBase, which is the world’s leading chess software company.

Fritz has everything you want! It has a database as well where you can replay grandmaster games or your opponent’s games played in tournaments during the past years. You can update and build this database downloading fresh games from the internet.
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There is a strong software program getting very popular these days. This program has outstanding playing strength. Since February 2010 the Rybka chess program is top-rated on the chess engine rating lists and has won many official Computer Chess Tournaments.
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Chess players worldwide use the following databases:

  • ChessBase Starter Package or
  • ChessBase Mega Package.
  • OR the excellent Russian product:

  • Chess Assistant, Starter Package (DVD) or
  • Chess Assistant, Professional Package (DVD)

to study new variations and the opponents games to find his weaknesses.
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Chess Tables!

Discounted Chess Sets

Outdoor Chess Sets

If you own a backyard and enjoy giant chess to play with your friends at home then get a Large Chess Set.

Puzzles and Riddles

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