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Chess Training Level 6 – You are White – Win it!

Get some chess training and win. In the position below White has a 6-Pawn-Advantage and you (White) should be able to win this game because your advantage is very strong. The advantage has been calculated by one of the strongest chess programs worldwide.

White’s Advantage consists of:

White has 6 pawns versus 3 pawns of Black. This makes for a 3 pawn advantage

White rook e7 is more actively placed than the black rook at g6.

White rook f2 is equally badly placed than black rook h6, so no advantage exists here. But White’s queen is a bit better placed in the center compared to the black queen, which is less powerful.

White got two pawns, the d-pawn and the c-pawn opposing the black d-pawn so he might create a passed pawn in the future. As we had already accounted for having additional pawns these good circumstances make up for an additional advantage of 2, I guess.

All this adds up to an advantage of roughly 6-pawn units. You should now use what you have got. Your biggest strength is that you are up in material. So let your pawns run, push them ahead. Black will retreat his rooks to get them back into the game and he will try to stop your pawns or they increase in power as they advance further and further.

Be aware that your rook is badly placed at f2. Get him out and place him better to protect your passed pawns from behind the lines. In this case he would also protect your king. For example if the rook sits at c2 he would also protect the weak spot g2 if Black doubles rooks on the g-file.

Maintain center control and keep an eye if Black creates any attacking chances against your king or if he has other dangerous intentions. If not, push your pawns ahead and try to promote one of them. Then simplify and trade off pieces (trade queen and rooks) and go into the endgame, where you will win much easier and with less risks when you have a big material advantage.

You are White – Win it!

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