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Chess Tricks and Tips

If you have read Chess Tips I then continue here. Chess is not just about winning or losing. It is a game of honour and fairness. It is like a philosophy, a way of life.

Read about the Laws of Chess

Always analyze your own Chess Games

This is probably the most important of all chess tips. Why should I study my own games? The reason is to find typical mistakes that are related to your personality and to your personal way of thinking. Your reasoning process runs always a certain way and might produce the same kind of mistakes. To study your own mistakes and identify the reason behind a blunder will change your way of chess thinking and you improve faster. You gain additional chess knowledge which is very difficult to develop over the board. This chess knowledge will lead to more points in the long run.

How to play when your brain is locked?

What you eat is how you play. Eat to win!

You probably think: Hey Man! Don’t tell me what to eat! Are you nuts? These are strange tips that I give here, aren’t they?
Sooner or later you are playing long serious games that might last up to six hours! How are you going to survive that keeping up your concentration on a high level? If you get tired after four hours your level of concentration drops and you will make most likely a disastrous mistake that might lose the game outright.

When this happens you will be very angry at yourself for making such a blunder. How can I lose like that in such a good position? How can I lose against such an idiot? Yes, my friend, I know how it feels like. I have been playing chess for a long time now and this is hard to take.

I give you some advise on how to protect your health. I know that not many will take it. But I give it anyway. These tips might even lead you on to a good path and to good health.

Don’t smoke and don’t drink.

Chess requires a strong willpower and nicotine and especially alcohol undermine your will. You become addictive and the tar in cigarettes increases your risk of getting lung cancer and bronchial disorders.

Bobby Fischer didn’t smoke and drank milk and fruit juices and kept himself fit with swimming.

chess tips

Eat the right Food.

Get carbohydrates:
Noodles, rice, potatoes and whole-kernel corn bread.(forget about white bread and white noodles)
Get protein:
Protein is needed to make skin, muscles and bones and fight diseases. You need:

Fish, cheese, yoghurt and quark. Sometimes meat.
Get vitamins and minerals:

Vegetables, fruit, milk and whole-kernel corn bread

chess tips

Yes, Chess is a way of life. Follow my recommendations and it will affect your life as a whole in a positive way and not just the game. Chess tips are good, but to follow them is even better.

The following article will give you hints about the way you should think to find a good move.

How to think in Chess?

Intuition in Chess

The positional feeling is part of the chess-thinking- process. It is a higher level of logical thinking and belongs to intuition. Positional feeling does develop with chess experience but depends also on the talent of a chess player.

If you have this talent then the right move springs to your mind before you even start calculating moves. Logic and intuition in chess belong together like day and night and are vital parts of the chess-thinking-process. If you find the right move in a chess game by intuition, you experience a moment of joy as you have completed a creative process.

There are many positions where there is nothing to calculate. In this case the intuition plays an important role to find the right move.

To improve your intuition you should play a lot of games, join a chess club and participate in tournament chess. There you will find helpful players who give you useful chess tips. This will increase your chess understanding which is the foundation of good intuition.

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