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Fabiano Caruana – a Chess Prodigy

Fabiano Caruana was born 30. July 1992 in Miami, USA. He is an American-Italien chess grandmaster and achieved his first and second GM-Norms in March and April 2007 and his last GM Norm in July 2007 at the First Saturday-Tournament in Budapest aged just 14 years, 11 months and 20 days and became one of the youngest grandmasters of all times.

Fabiano is American and Italien citizen. In 1996 he moved with his parents to Brooklyn, New York where his talents were dicovered by Bruce Pandolfini when Fabiano was just 5 years old.

Caruana won 2002 the Pan American Championship U10 and a year later the Chess Championship U12. In September 2002 he has beaten grandmaster Aleksander Wojtkiewicz in the Grand Prix-Tournament at the Manhattans Marshall Chess Club.

In 2005 he won a game against grandmaster Ľubomír Ftáčnik at the Klaus-Junge Open in Hamburg just aged 13.

In 2006 he came equal first place at the Italien Championship in Cremona and in December 2007 he became italien champion in Martina Franca scoring 9,5/11.

August 2007 Caruana came equal first at the Hogeschool Zeeland-Open in Vlissingen.

In January 2008 he came first in the C-Group at the Corus-Tournament in Wijk aan Zee scoring 10/13 and December 2008 he defended his Titel at the Italien Championship successfully.

Fabiano’s FIDE Rating was 2640 ELO (Dec 2008) ranked number 87 worldwide. But he improved dramatically and is now ranked number 2 worldwide (Elo 2829 in Dec 2014)

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