Force a Draw

Force a Draw here in the following positions. Those are basic chess strategies that you should know.

These strategies can save you half a point when you have a losing position. There is no other way to save the game.

The opponent has more material (pieces or pawns) and is going to win. Your only chance is to force a draw somehow.

basic chess strategies
1) Black moves 2) White moves
basic chess strategies
3) White moves – Black is a rook up! 4) White moves – Black is about promoting a queen.
basic chess strategies
5) White moves – Black wishes to make a queen. 6) White moves – Black will win with his queen against the rook unless…
7) Black moves – White wants to checkmate Black on h2 if he promotes a queen. 8) White moves – if white queen moves Black hopes to checkmate on h2!
9) White moves – Black is a pawn up, White wishes to make a draw. 10) White moves – Black has a rook for a light piece so he is the exchange up and has more material.(a rook has more value than a knight or bishop) You have a losing game.


1) 1….Ne5+ 2.K moves Nxd7 draw, because of insufficient material to give checkmate
2) 1.Bg3 QxB stalemate!
3) 1.Rg7+ Kh8 2.Rh7+ Kg8 White can force a draw
4) 1.Rg7+ K moves 2.Rxh7 NxR insufficient material
5) 1.Rb2 Bb3 2.Rxc2 BxR insufficient material
6) 1.Rf4+ QxR Stalemate! White King can’t move!
7) 1…f1N+ 2.K moves NxQ insufficient material
8) 1.Qe3+ QxQ Stalemate! White can’t move!
9) 1.Bb6 Qe7 2.Bc5 Qd8 3.Bb6 forces draw by repetition of moves endlessly
10) 1.Rxg7 KxR 2.Qg5+ and gives perpetual check

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