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Four Move Checkmate – Experts will not fall for that

The Four Move Checkmate is the attempt of a beginner in chess to checkmate you in four moves right from the start of the game.

No serious player would even try this nonsense, because he knows that the queen will be brought into the game too early and that she will be chased around sooner or later by the opponent’s pieces which will be developed quickly attacking the queen at the same time. This way the opponent gains valuable development time and has more pieces out than you.

He will take control of vital center squares quickly. In the end Black has his pieces developed more effectively and has a better position than White. But it should be the other way round as White should have a small advantage as he has the first move. White does win more games than Black statistically if he plays strong opening moves.

This attempt to win in four moves violates chess principles and can’t work against decent opponents.

A principle is: Don’t bring the queen out to early but develop your light pieces instead. Light pieces are bishops and knights. No real chess player who plays in a chess club would ever try this in a club tournament because all other players who see this attempt, to try for a mate in four moves, would think that you have no idea how to play chess. You would make yourself ridiculous.

And no serious player does hope that his opponent is so stupid to let himself get mated in four moves only. To go for this in a chess tournament would be like an insult of the opponent’s intelligence.

Just watch this video below and I hope that you understand what I mean.

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