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Free Chess Lesson – Level 5 – Game 4

In this free chess lesson you learn how to win having a big advantage of “five-pawn-units”. This has been calculated by strong chess software.

White’s Advantages

  • White is one pawn up, means he has an additional pawn, five pawns versus four pawns of Black.
  • White has rook for a lightpiece. A lightpiece (bishop or knight) has a value of three pawns. A rook has a value of 5 pawns. This makes two pawns up in value, so alltogethber White is 3 pawns up so far included the additional pawn.
  • White has a pawn majority of three pawns versus two pawns at the queenside. This means he can create a passed pawn in the long run and promote it into a queen.
  • White’s pieces are better placed as the white queen is placed a bit better and the white rook has occupied the open e-file. All this and the pawn majority makes roughly for another two pawn adavantage so White has a five pawn advantage alltogether.
  • How to win

  • Penetrate with your rook into Blacks position along the e-file if you can.
  • Control the center and make sure that Blacks pieces cannot go to strong squares. Always keep an eye on Blacks ideas and plans and cut them down if you can. What can he do? This is the question.
  • Simplify! Trade queens if possible and go into the endgame, then win with your plus pawn.
  • Create a passed pawn at the queenside where you have three versus two pawns. Promote the passed pawn into a queen.
  • Develop your passive rook at f1
  • Develop your king into the center as soon the game has been simplified and queens have been traded off, so there will be no danger to the king. Then the king will become an attacker and will try to threaten and win any weak pawns.

Play and win! Good Luck!

You are White – Win it!

free chess lesson

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