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Free Computer Chess Lesson – You have the white pieces and should win this game below. But it is not as easy as you might think. You have a 6-Pawn-Advantage again.

Your Advantages as White

White has a material advantage. He is two pawns up and he has a rook for a bishop, which means he has “won the exchange”. As a rook is stronger and counts five pawns and a bishop just counts three pawns White has gained additional material advantage having a rook for the bishop.

White has three passed pawns at the kingside. These pawns (f,g,h pawns) have the desire to move ahead and might promote into a queen sooner or later.

White’s knight is strongly placed in the center at e4. It cannot be chased away by a pawn but it might get traded off for the black bishop later.

Look at the pawn structure at the queenside. White has four pawns versus five pawns of Black. But Black is unable to create a passed pawn as his plus pawn at e5 is blocked by the white knight. So his additional pawn at this side is useless as it can’t be pushed ahead.

Furthermore the black knight c6 can’t go to the center squares e5 or d4 as these squares are blocked by Black’s own pawns. And the black bishop e7 is reduced in power by its own pawn structure e5,d4,c5 sitting on black squares, which blocks the bishop.

Disadvantages for White – Improvements

The bishop b2 is inactive at the moment. Must be improved!

The f2-pawn is weak and might get lost as it can be attacked by the black bishop going to e6

Your three passed pawns at the kingside are somehow disrupted and don’t work together harmoniously.

Even if the f2-pawn gets lost you still have a strong position and you might get other dynamic advantages for the lost f-pawn, as Black has to invest time to capture the f-pawn.

You can use this time to improve the position of your pieces, especially your sleeping bishop b2. So go ahead and play…I wish you good luck.

You are White – Win it!

free computer chess
free computer chess

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