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French Defense – solid and hard to beat Chess Opening

Are you looking for a good defence for Black against 1.e4? Study the French Defense and find out if you like it.

The French defense is a solid and hard to beat chess opening, but Black can feel locked in as the game takes on a blocked character at times, especially in the early phase of the opening.

Black has to play on the queenside while White usually plays on the kingside. This opening was not popular in the 19th century as e5 was the usual answer to e4.

Wilhelm Steinitz, first chess world champion, considered the French a boring opening and never played it. But the old times are over and this chess opening has gained a lot in popularity since then and is quite popular and has a reputation as being solid.

The French starts with 1.e4 e6 and continues 2.d4 d5.
White can trade off pawns with 3. exd5 or he pushes the pawn forward and plays 3.e5 or defends it with 3.Nd2 or 3.Nc3.
If you look for something solid then play this opening.

Ideas in the French Defence

Game – 3. Nc3 Variation

Replay Chess Games of the French Defence

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