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Fritz Chess Program

Fritz Chess is a Playing and Analysis Program suitable for every chess player.

Fritz is the world’s most popular chess program useful for beginners, club players or professional chess players.

This software can automatically adjust playing strength and you can choose handicap and coaching functions.

It explains positions using coloured danger warnings. You can see openings statistics and automatic game analysis. You can type in your own game and let it analyze to see where you went wrong. I do this all the time with my games.

There are training modules for openings, tactics and endgames available. Included is a database of one million games where you can look up all important games throughout history and others.

It is a clever training partner and even the best player in history Garry Kasparov uses it.

I show you now some Fritz chess games where Fritz played a match of six games against super chess grandmaster and former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik.

Fritz played on Dual Intel Core 2 Duo 5160 system allowing Deep Fritz, version 10, to calculate around 8 million chess positions per second.

These games will show you how strong Fritz really is. Fritz is one of the strongest chess programs worldwide and widely used by chess grandmasters, masters and amateur chess players alike for training and analysis of their games.

Fritz and Kramnik played six games. Kramnik couldn’t win a single game. Fritz won two games and four games were drawn. Fritz won the match 4:2.

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Kramnik versus Fritz – Man vs Machine
Bonn, Germany 2006

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

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