Greek Chess Set

This beautiful Greek Chess Set is made from brass and nickel. On the last battle of Zeus he established his dominion in Olympus.

Zeus is the king, Athena the queen, Aris the bishop, Centaur the knight, and the giants are the pawns.

greek chess set
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A column from an ancient Greek building is the rook. Chess pieces are hand-cast in solid zinc and then brass and nickel plated, then lacquered to keep the lustrous finish from ever tarnishing.

You can get this chess set in a complete chess set package which includes the Manopoulos chess board and wood case for storage.

A gorgeous chess set and a great gift idea indeed. It will look beautiful in your home or office!

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Archers Chess Set Package

greek chess set

Get this complete chess set package from Manopoulos.
It includes:

- their Greek and Roman Period chess set
- brass chess board
- and an attractive wood case that holds the chess pieces and board.

This chess set is based on the conflicts between the Romans and the Greeks which were two powerful nations of the time. A row of opposing archers face each as the pawns.

The dark squares on the chess board are painted in a multi-color blue enamel and the entire board is lacquered to prevent tarnishing.

A felt-lined plastic tray inside has individual compartments for storing chess pieces while the chess board nests one top.

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