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How do I aquire a Chess Rating?

How do I aquire a chess rating?
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The Elo Rating System (FIDE ratings) is used by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) since 1970.

The July 2015 FIDE rating list gives you a rough idea about the distribution of Elo rating among chess players worldwide.

– 5323 players had an active rating in the range 2200 to 2299

– 2869 players had an active rating in the range 2300 to 2399 = Title: FIDE Master

– 1420 players had an active rating between 2400 and 2499 = Title: IM (International Master) or GM (Grandmaster)

– 542 players had an active rating between 2500 and 2599 = Title: GM (Grandmaster)

– 187 players had an active rating between 2600 and 2699 = Title: GM (Grandmaster)

– 37 players had an active rating between 2700 and 2799 = Title: GM (called Super-Grandmaster)

– 4 players had an active rating of over 2800

How do I aquire a Chess Rating?

A game played over the board will be rated by FIDE when it takes place in a FIDE registered tournament and meets specific requirements.

Some are listed below:

– The tournaments to be rated shall be pre-registered by the federation that will be responsible for the submission of results and rating fees. The tournament and its playing schedule must be registered one week before the tournament starts.

– All arbiters of a FIDE rated tournament shall be licensed otherwise the tournament shall not be rated.

– Tournament reports for all official FIDE and Continental events must be submitted and shall be rated. The Chief Arbiter is responsible for the results submitted.

– The Chief Arbiter of a FIDE registered tournament has to provide the tournament report (TRF file) within 7 days after the end of the tournament to the Rating Officer of the federation.

Resource: taken from FIDE handbook

What you must do

Join a chess club and become a paying member then you automatically become a member of the National Chess Federation which is registered with the FIDE Federation.

Fees for the chess club are around 55 USD a year.

After that participate in a open chess tournament or become a player in the chess team of your club.

join a FIDE rated event (open chess tournament) and play at least 5 games against rated players.

The fees are around 50-100 USD depending on the number of games you have to play.

Usually you play two long tournament games a day. One game can last over 4 hours.

Rapid games and Blitz games are not rated in the official ELO Rating.

A tournament can last from 5 to 9 days depending how many games you have to play and how games are scheduled because sometimes you have to play only one game a day so the tournament will last longer.

But this is usually the case in senior tournaments only where senior players over 60 years old have to play 9 games, one game a day.

Usually you have to play 7 gemes or 9 games alltogether in an open chess tournament at a rate of two games a day.

After the tournament your Elo rating will be calculated and published in the database of the FIDE where you can check it online.

You also get a FIDE ID (Identification number) so if you take part in another tournament you just give your name and they check your rating as they will check the database of the FIDE.

Make sure that you switch off your handy or smartphone while you play in a chess tournament or your game will be declared as a loss if your handy rings suddenly during the game.
You also must write down your chess moves, move by move during the game so better learn short Chess Notation

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