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How to Checkmate in 2

Learn here how to Checkmate in 2. Before you make a move think first and move later. Don’t make the first move that pops up in your mind, there might be a better one. This will be a good practical exercise for you.

And don’t look at the solution right away. Hey! It is getting a bit harder now, so better get your brain going! And don’t cheat! I will be watching you.

Don’t forget to use x-ray vision my friend.

Look at the diagonals, files and squares that are controlled by all chess pieces, but don’t look at the pieces themselves.

In your mind there should be a whole bunch of squares that are controlled by enemy pieces and your own pieces.

Always consider the best defensive moves of your opponent when you make a move in your head. Never think that your opponent is an idiot and falls for stupid traps.

Don’t trust your own moves. They might be nonsense. Check and recheck them again and again like in a real chess game. When you make a move in your mind try to find the best moves of your opponent to counter your move.

List Your Candidates Moves first

Find and list several good chess moves called “Candidate Moves” mentally that can be done in this position and then select the best move like in a real game. This will teach you mental discipline which is very important in chess.

If you want to switch playing colors then just click on the left corner at the bottom of the chess board, then the board will turn around.

Good Luck!

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

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