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I don’t feel comfortable or relaxed when playing a chess match. What should I do?

I don’t feel comfortable or relaxed when playing a chess match. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

Hi Navya!

Congratulation! Then you are a real chess player! Join the club! (laughing)

Don’t worry, to feel like this is quite normal.

Chess is a hard game and you might feel that you can’t afford to make a mistake or you lose. Just take it easy it is just a game.

Tell yourself: “When I lose I will accept it and try to play better in my next game.”

“When I win I will accept it and I will try to play better in my next game…” LOL

You see, even when you win you most likely still made a lot of mistakes in the game.

Maybe you just won because you were lucky that your opponent lost his queen for some reason.

I was always tense when playing. I find chess can be stressful at times.

You fight against Yourself

The truth is, in reality you fight against yourself, you fight against your own limitations.

Your mind makes mistakes and you get angry when it happens. The brain is not a perfect machine. You are not the brain, but an observer.

You observe all the time what your brain/mind does and when it makes a blunder (a big mistake) some players can get really angry and can’t sleep the night after the game. But they don’t show this anger and don’t tell you.

Forget your opponent! You are not playing against him. Try to increase your mental awareness then you will see good moves. It is not the fault of your opponent when you make a big mistake and run into a fork or mishandle and ruin your position completely because you have not understood it. It is all about you.

In my opinion no real chess player finds chess relaxing. And I know many, believe me. They all are constantly immersed into the game and fight an inner mental and emotional struggle against themselves to find the best move.

Well, I wish you the best. Good luck!

I hope this helps…

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