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Latvian Gambit – the e4 Crusher

by Tambani Madega (South Africa)
I have started playing the Latvian Gambit, is my screat weapon and is very much dangerous.

Hi, Tambani

Well, the Latvian Gambit is a dubious chess opening and not played at top level chess. It is only a “crusher” when your opponent makes weak moves. But good players know how to find good moves and then you get crushed yourself when you play this inferior opening system.

If you are good at tactics and if you study it well and become a specialist in it, then you might have some success with it.
But I don’t recommend it. My database shows that White is winning many more games than Black, way above average.

If you want to make points and become an expert at chess then study and play a decent opening as Black which gives you the best chances possible. For example, study the Sicilian Defence and don’t waste years of your life on the Latvian Gambit.

Consider this: It takes years to become an expert at your selected openings repertoire, so why not investing this time in quality chess openings right from the beginning. Study openings that are also played by top chess grandmasters.

Latvian Gambit
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f5?!
latvian gambit
Now the most popular moves for White are:
3. Nxe5, 3. Bc4 or 3.exf5

However, I wish you good luck and some fun with this opening. It surely will not get boring to play this adventurous opening as Black. But I doubt that you will win many games with it against good players.
Read more about the Latvian Gambit at Wikipedia

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