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Replay a few commented games below to learn chess strategies and to get the feel for the game.

Black moves. But what?

learn online chess
learn online chess - see position above

In the position above it seems to be difficult for Black to find a plan at all. The position appears to be balanced. Black is unsure what to do. He thinks hard to find a plan but can't see any objects to attack. Everything appears to be blocked and rock-solid in White's camp.

Finally the move 1...g4 is discovered, that fixes the white weak backward pawn on h2. This pawn will be the object to be attacked from now on. White will retreat his queen to protect this pawn which seems to be sufficient.

But Black activates additional sleeping forces - his pawns! The sleeping pawn power in the center will be mobilized to move towards the h2 pawn and the king as well. This destroys the balance and leads to a winning attack.

See how the plan is executed. Replay the position below:

F-Pawn Fix

In the next chess game White has a dead bishop on c1. He prepares the pawn-push e4 to create future possibilities to get the bishop out to work. Black is finally killing himself as he places his e6 pawn on a bad white square and creates a dead bishop on c8. This paralyzes his entire play and finally White uses - the f-file - fixes the weak backward pawn f7 and wins this pawn and the game.

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