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Learn to play chess here and find the right moves! The positions are mixed to confuse you a bit. You got to hit him if you can. There are some big hits possible here. So go and get him!

how to play chess how to play chess
1) White moves 2) White's turn and has a losing game since Black has more material. Save the game before it's too late.
play chess how to play chess
3) Black moves 4) Black moves - the king is in check and the rook is attacked.
how to play chess how to play chess
5) Black moves 6) White's turn
how to play chess chess strategies
7) Black moves 8) White moves
how to play chess how to play chess
9) White moves 10) White's turn

1) 1.Qxc7 QxQ 2.Re8+ RxR 3.RxR+ checkmate
2) 1.Qg6+ Kh8 2.Qh6+ Kg8 3.Qg6+ etc. draw
3) 1...Kf4 followed by d5 and the pawn is unstoppable.
4) 1...Qg7 threatens checkmate on g2 and therefore saves the rook as White must protect the king.
5) 1....Rf2+ 2.KxR Stalemate!
6) 1.e4! and the knight can't move because of checkmate. So White wins a piece.
7) 1...Rf8 2.Qe1 Rf1+ 3.QxR BxQ and Black wins - too much material.
8) 1.Qxc5 Black can't recapture because of Ba6+ checkmate
9) 1.Qxh5 gxQ 2.Bxh7+ checkmate

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