My Chess Openings by Riley (Washington State, USA)

I have been playing chess since age 6. The openings I play as White are the Ruy Lopez and occasionally the Queen’s Gambit.

However I am a huge fan of the “system” openings, the King’s Indian Attack, which I use as part of my 1. e4 repertoire and love to spring on French and Sicilian players, the Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1.Nf3 2.b3 3.Bb2), and the Stonewall Attack ( pawns on d4, e3, f4, and c3) as they tend to steer games away from the theoretical and more towards “who’s the better chess player?”

As Black I like the Hypermodern Openings, specializing in the Pirc Defense, Nimzo-Indian, Queen’s Indian, and Nimzowitsch Defense (1. e4 Nc6).

Having seen the results of these openings, I tend to steer away from 1.d4, to limit the amount of my own poison I have to drink 🙂

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