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Practical Chess Training – Level 5 – Game 2

You are White in the position below. Get some practical chess training and win this game. You have a winning advantage of 5 Pawns in this endgame. White has managed to “win the exchange” and has now rook for knight.

The rook is much stronger than the knight in this open position. The rook can penetrate into the black position through the open e-file. After this it can attack any weak black pawns from behind the lines.

The knight is too slow and will be unable to protect all weak spots and finally it will run out of steam and the rook will win another pawn. After this the game will be hopelessly lost for Black.

Advantage for White

  • White has 5 pawns and Black has only 4 pawns, so White is a pawn up.
  • White has a rook versus a knight. Rook counts 5 pawns – Knight counts 3 pawns, this makes for an additional 2 pawn advantage
  • White has better placed pieces, because the rook is ready to enter the black position through the e-file and will attack the h-pawn from behind. This pawn can hardly be protected by the knight as it is very weak.
  • White has a Passed Pawn at f5 which is very strong in connection with the active rook that supports the run of this pawn.
  • Whte has 3 pawns versus 1 pawn at the kingside. This means he will eventually enjoy at least 2 passed pawns.

Go ahead and win now…I wish you good luck.

You are White – Win it!

chess training
chess training

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