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Practical Chess Training – Level 5 – Game 3

Get some practical chess training here. You are White and enjoy a 5-Pawn-Advantage. You are winning and you are expected to win this game. Average club players win this position normally, unless they are drunk, and even then they would win ….

You have more material and you have passed pawns at the queenside. It is just a matter of time until you win unless you make a gross oversight called “a blunder”. Hopefully this is not going to happen. So stay mentally alert and always think about your opponents last move or you will run into a trap or similar bad things.

Your Advantage consists of:

  • White has 6 pawns versus 3 pawns of Black, makes 3 pawns up
  • White has 2 passed pawns at the queenside. Sooner or later they will run and promote into a queen
  • White has a rook for a lightpiece. As the rook is stronger than a bishop or a knight in this open position this makes for an additional 2 pawn advantage. A rook counts 5 pawns, a lightpiece counts only 3 pawns, remember?

All white and black Pieces are evenly placed. Make a plan, it is your move. What you should do is “use what you have”, the two passed pawns has to be pushed ahead supported by your pieces. If there are trading opportunities, then trade pieces off. This will simplify the position, but the passed pawns a2, b2 will still be pushed and finally promote into a queen.

If nearly all pieces are traded off then get your king into the game as well, don’t forget this. The king can be a killer as he can attack and kill weak pawns in the endgame.

You are White – Win it!

chess training
chess training

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