Simple Chess Moves
They look simple but are hard to find

Simple chess moves are not simple at all...they are the result of a deep thought process.

See Diagrams below, Moves were played at World Chess Championship 2012 by Grandmaster Boris Gelfand in his match versus "Vishy" Anand.

chess move

Not 1.h6 gxh 2.Bxf6 Rd2 3.Rf1 and White can hardly move and is tied down as he must defend the f2-pawn.

Boris played 1.Re1 instead to activate his rook.

chess move

Not 1.Rd1?? because Bxf2+ 2.KxB RxRd1 loses the exchange and then Black wins the game.

Boris played 1.Rc1! BxB 2.RxB Rd4 and the game was drawn.

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