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Unique Chess Set

Some people are looking for an amazing Unique Chess Set that would be a great gift idea.

Art Deco Chess Set Pieces

unique chess set

Porcelain-like, unique Art-Deco styled chessmen bring vivacious cheer and lighthearted holiday accents.

Distinctive pieces shine in bright red and dark green with faux pearl inlay.

It is made of solid poly-resin and each piece is hand-painted in detail with long-lasting, lead-free paint. If roughly handled by young children they may break, but they are otherwise durable.


* King size: 3-1/2″
* Base size: 1-3/8″
* 32 chess pieces
* Set weighs 3.6 pounds

This set above is just an example of what kind of interesting sets you can get. There are many other unique quality sets available at the online store below, which is my favorite store. Just click the link below.

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