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What is the best Opening Move in Chess?

The best opening move in chess is nonexistent as there are four equally good chess opening moves.

These are: 1.e4, 2.d4, 1.c4 and 1.Nf3. In this order.
The most popular move is 1.e4 then 1.d4, after that 1.c4 and at last 1.Nf3.

1.e4 leads mostly to very tactical play. Whereas 1.d4 preserves a small long-term positional edge and the build-up of pressure is slow, leading to a quiet game, most of the time.

1.c4 is even slower as there is no immediate confrontation of pieces and pawns. The same applies to 1.Nf3 where White keeps his options open.

As a beginner in chess you should start with first move 1.e4 to study chess principles in action as the resulting positions lead to rich tactical play. Fast development is very important here. If you waste time making unnecessary pawn moves you will lose quickly because the time factor kicks in fast. If you lose development time you lose the game.

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