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Which Chess Opening to play

by Dr. H. Zirkin

I decided I would start off by just playing one opening for White and one opening for Black almost all the time.

For White I chose the English opening. For Black I chose the Sicilian defense.

The reasons for choosing the English were:

1. It challenges opponents who are used to the more conventional e4 or d4 openings.

2. It allows the white Queen Knight to develop without obstructing the c pawn or the Queen.

3. It gives the Queen more scope with the option of developing along the d1-a4 diagonal.

4. It limits the range of replies available to Black as compared to e4 or d4 openings.

The reasons for the Sicilian were:

1. It is the opening of choice for almost all the top players.

2. It’s a sharp and very exciting opening.

3. As with the English it provides more mobility for the c pawn, Queen Knight and Queen.
It remains to decide what to play against d4 or against the English itself.

For the time being I’m using d5 against d4 with some continuation of the Queen’s gambit Declined when applicable.

Against 1. c4 probably e5.

Finally I wish to thank expert-chess-strategies and Grand Master Smirnov for all the help and advice.

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