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World Chess Championship 2021

The World Chess Championship 2021 takes place in Dubai at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates, between 24 November and 16 December 2021. It is a chess match of 14 games between Magnus Carlsen (NOR) (world champion), 30 years old and GM Ian Nepomniachtchi (RUSSIA), 31 years old, who was the winner of the Candidates Tournament. The first player to reach 7.5 points wins, in case of a 7:7 tie, a playoff will decide the match.

Prize: 2 million Euro. 60% for the winner and 40% for the loser.

First Game: Nepomniachtchi (White) – Carlsen (Black) – Spanish Defense – Draw 0.5 – 0.5

Black offers the center pawn at e5. For this he can exchange the white bishop and has two bishops which are faster and more flexible compared to the bishop and the knight from White.

World Chess Championship 2021 Game 1
World Chess Championship 2021 Game 1
White moves: 1.Nxe5 NxB 2.axN
Black (Carlsen) has sacrificed the center pawn e5 to get the two bishops, which are more flexible than the bishop and knight of White in future play.


World Chess Championship 2021 Game 1
World Chess Championship 2021 Game 1
The Game was well balanced all the time and ends in a draw.

Game 1 until game 5 and game 7 were all drawn.

Carlsen wins game 6

and wins game 8 …

and wins game 9 …
Game 10 is a draw…
and Carlsen wins game 11 and the match and is now world champion again. Congratulation

Magnus Carlsen won the match 7.5 – 3.5 with four wins, seven draws and no losses.

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