Chess Strategies for Beginners I

Chess Strategies for Beginners will help you to understand how to start the game properly and where to place your chess pieces correctly right from the beginning.

If you don't know how to move the pieces correctly please read the chess rules and then come back here.

Don't waste Time! Develop Pieces Quickly

If you waste time playing senseless pawn moves instead of developing pieces (Knights and Bishops), then you get a bad position and your chances of losing your game are increasing.


Most Common First Moves

Watch the video below to learn how to start your game.

The chess video above shows you the most common first chess moves. Study them and avoid making other inferior moves. For example, never play the edge pawns in the beginning as they have no influence on the center squares and do not help to get your pieces (Knights and Bishops) out.

Make sure you learn Chess Notation to be able to read and write chess moves.

The Checkmate
Yes, you want to know how to checkmate the King. I will show you now a lot of interesting positions where the king is checkmated. Every piece can checkmate the king, a pawn as well.

Great Chess Shop...

I hope these chess positions will make something move under your hat. After all, you got to start somewhere, don't you?
The Checkmate

To answer many of your chess questions it helps a lot when you Read the ANSWERS to QUESTIONS here!

Basic Endgames
I will show you first some fundamental endgames that you should know. When you reach the endgame you need some basic understanding about how the king moves, without getting confused by too many pieces on the board.

Please replay the selected endgame positions below and study them until you are able to handle those situations in a real game.
Basic Chess Endgames
Pawn and King Endgame explained
Play and make Draw in King vs Pawn Endgame

Important Practical Lesson
Chess Training - Give Checkmate with Queen up! You must be able to give checkmate with Queen. This is important. Try this exercise until you can do it.

Chess Training - Give Checkmate with Rook up! You must be able to give checkmate with Rook up. Try this until you can do it.

I hope you got the idea now and have seen what we are doing here and what is chess all about. Then go right away to the following lesson. This one will train your tactical eye. Solve some checkmate-in-one problems here. They are very easy. Hey! This is baby stuff so this should be like a snap for you.

Study Checkmate in 1 Chess Positions and come back after.
Now, did you have fun? Yes, that's the way to go and here is the next beginners exercise.
Another Checkmate in 1 Lesson

Checkmate in 2 - Chess Positions
Easy Checkmate in 2 - Chess Lessons

UNIQUE Chess Courses for BEGINNERS created by Grandmaster Smirnov

Bad Moves - What you should NEVER do!

Never move silly pawns anywhere in the beginning of the game, especially not on the outer files like Black has done below. You just lose time and run behind in piece development.

This means that your opponent can and will attack you with his pieces, once he has castled. Pieces are: knights, bishops, rooks and the queen, not pawns! He can attack you as he has more pieces developed than you have. He will simply overrun you in the center because he has more knights, bishops, rooks and the queen actively placed and you got no pieces placed actively to defend yourself. Why? Because you have wasted your time to push some silly pawns here and there and may have not even castled.

It is very important that you understand this principle!

Read this text above a hundred times to get this into your head or you will never ever become a good player. So don't touch useless pawns in the beginning of the game.

You should first move one or two center pawns, then develop your knights and bishops towards the center. Best is to get the kingside knight and bishop out, then castle quickly. See the white position. White is going to get out his kingside bishop next and castle afterwards.

chess strategies for beginners

How to start a game
The next lesson shows you how to start a game of chess and I will explain every move in the opening for you.
How to start a Game - Chess for Dummies
Don't play like that! - Learn Chess Online
Silly Chess Moves

The Pin
And now you can study an important element of chess tactics. The Pin. This will show you how beautiful chess is.
The Pin - Easy Chess

Decline Draw Offers
Decline Draw Offers - Chess Tip

Get some good chess books.

Go to - Chess Strategies for Beginners II

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