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About Blitz Games – by Chess Grandmaster Igor Smirnov

Hi there!

I am Chess Teacher Grandmaster Igor Smirnov.
I have received a lot of questions about blitz games. Here I will answer them all.


Is it useful or harmful to play blitz?

When you play a blitz game, you have no time to think. Therefore you use the things you ALREADY know. Thus you do NOT learn any new skills.

There is a huge difference between blitz and long games.

– In a long game you should try make THE BEST moves; while in blitz you should try NOT TO MAKE BAD MOVES. Do you realize the distinction?

– Blitz develops your habit for superficial thinking. Certainly it is harmful for a long game.

– In blitz you should use tactical tricks (traps). In a long game your strategic understanding matters the most.

You can see that blitz requires a different set of skills. It is like sprinting and a marathon. Is it useful to sprint if you are preparing for a marathon? The answer is “NO”.


How can GMs play blitz so perfectly?

They ALREADY have the right system of thinking. So they just use it.

You are in a different situation: you need TO TRAIN the correct thinking process first. Only then you will be able to use it automatically (e.g. in blitz).

Let’s look at this situation from another angle. If you have incorrect thinking habits and start playing blitz – then you train (automate) these wrong behaviours.


OK, I agree that blitz is harmful, but I like to play it. What should I do?

It is much like chocolate: you may enjoy it sometimes, but too much and you will become unhealthy 🙂 .

Often I receive a question:

“What results can I expect after a study of your course…?”

In response to this question I publish customer feedback.
It has been some time since I created the course
“An Endgame Expert”. I received a lot of interesting feedback and have published the most instructive ones recently. You can read them on the web-page:

List of the most important Chess Courses

And here are a few more ones.


Hi Igor,
How are you? I hope you and your dogs are fine.
Congratulations to your brilliant Endgame Expert course! The ideas look simple but it’s indeed amazing that this knowledge is not widely spread. With some proud I can report that after watching the videos I knew enough to get a draw in a lost position simply by creating threats and finally using my passed pawn. Caissa was with me!
Andreas M.


Thanks a lot, Igor!
Your new course is just what I have wanted for quite a while. Endgame is not my strong part, so your course may help me to improve. So thanks a lot again!
Aleksandr S.


Good morning Igor,
I recently bought your endgame course, and I’m very glad that I did it. Congratulations! It’s simply great, and I’m learning a lot from your tips and tricks.
Carlos M.


thnx a lot.
I am getting very good results by following the concepts from endgame experts.
With regards
Sitaram A.

GM Igor Smirnov

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