Can the King capture a Piece?

by Satish

Black moves

Black moves

Hi friend,

my friend and me were playing chess. I (white) have given a check to my friend with the rook (white). The rook is protected by a pawn.

If I move the g-pawn then it is check from opponents rook to me.
My friend killed my rook and saying that you cannot kill my king because it is again check to you.
This scenario I show in attached picture.

Is it right?
1) can black king kill the white rook in this situation?
2)this is draw or win? who is the winner?

plz give me the answer?


Hi Satish,
the answer is simple.

A king can't capture a piece that is protected.

In this position the black king can't capture the rook because the white rook is protected by the g-pawn. That's it!

White is the winner because Black is checkmate.

I hope this helps.

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Aug 04, 2015
Consider which king would be captured first!
by: Ian

This type of issue is easily resolved by understanding the following basic concept: it is illegal to make a move that would cause you to be the *first* player to lose the king, since whomever loses the king *first* loses the game! So if black's king takes the rook, white's pawn would take black's king *before* black's rook could take white's king. Therefore black's king cannot take white's rook.

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