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Chess Training Online – Level 6 – Game 4

Increase your awareness at chess and learn to think like a strong player. Chess requires a profound way to think about your position and an open mind to see how things really are. If you can evaluate the reality on the board clearly, then you will progress further.

You are White and have a big advantage of 6 pawns. This is quite a lot. As you know by now the advantage of a position is measured in pawn units.

Your Advantages

  • You have a material advantage seven pawns versus five pawns. This means you are 2 pawns up.
  • You have a far advanced passed pawn at c7. This c-pawn can be protected soon by your passed d-pawn.
  • If you protect your passed c-pawn with your passed d-pawn then you will have two connected passed pawns that are far advanced which makes them so much more valuable as they are getting more dangerous if they are close to the last row, where they can be promoted into a queen. The value of two connected far advanced pawns have a value of One rook or a bit more depending how far they have advanced. This is good to know.
  • The white rooks are more active than the black rooks which are preoccupied taking care of the passed white pawn at c7. This costs energy and the power level of the black rooks decreases. Furthermore one white rook is sittng on the seventh rank, this makes this rook very powerful. Keep it there if you can and don’t trade this well-placed rook or you give up this advantageous position.
  • The black bishop is less active than the white bishop that attacks the black a-pawn. Understand that the black bishop is limited and reduced in power by its own black pawn at e5. And it cannot get out to more fruitful pastures as the queen occupies f8 and limits this bishop further and the black bishop has no future at h6 where it can be captured. The Queens are almost even in power…The pawns at the kingside are even – four pawns versus four pawns. This means it makes no sense for White to play at the kingside as he has no advantage there. This is just simple common sense.
  • Now play and win…

    You are White – Win it

    chess training online
    chess training online

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