Who won or is this a draw?

by Tuan

On New Years Eve we did a game of chess.

I am not so good with it, but a friend told me years ago (when I thought I won) there was a draw.

When it's your turn and the king is not really checkmate on that spot, but if he walks he will be.

I am Black and the guy who is White said he won. I told him now I dont really know. Could you help me clarify this situation please.

I really hope you can see it all clear.

Thanks for the help!!

Hi! Tuan,

I have created a chess diagram below to be able to see the position clearly.

Black moves
The position above is a draw because it is a stalemate. It is Black's move and he must make a legal move with his king because he has no other pieces left to move.

No legal move possible for Black
It is impossible to move the king because all squares are protected by white pieces. This means Black cannot make a legal move so it is a stalemate, which is a draw, so half a point each.
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