Winning Chess Moves
Get your Chess Pieces organized

Find the Winning Chess Moves in your games. Most importantly get your pieces organized fast and efficiently. In the following game Black moves a few pawns too many.

He does not develop his chess pieces (Knights, Bishops) fast enough and castles too late. He wastes development time, pushing pawns instead.

If you push too many pawns, your opponent can develop pieces instead and will overrun you eventually as he accumulated more piece power. Pieces (Knights, Bishops, Rooks) are stronger than pawns, never forget this!

Black has to pay for his pawn moves later on in the game below, as the energy of his undeveloped queenside is needed to defend the kingside. White attacks the weak kingside. Black has not enough pieces to defend it properly as two pieces are still not developed and stuck at the queenside. So there are more attackers than defenders. Black is lacking piece power at the kingside and has no chance to survive.

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