Parimarjan Negi
Indian Chess Grandmaster

Some people just got the right brain for chess and some don't, independent of age and nationality.

Parimarjan Negi was born 9. February 1993 in New-Delhi and is an indian chess grandmaster and chess prodigy. He learned the game when he was 4 years old. In 2002 he won the U10-championship of Asia in Teheran and 2003 he won the Commonwealth-Championship U10.


He achieved norms in Hoogeveen 2005, Dubai 2005 and Sort 2005 and became the youngest International Master worldwide in april 2006.

GM norms were achieved in Hastings 2005/06, Parsvnath-tournament in New Delhi in january 2006 and in Satka (Russia) in june 2006.

After that Parimarjan became the youngest grandmaster in history at this time, aged 13 years and 142 days. He is now the second youngest grandmaster in chess history after Sergej Karjakin.
His actual ELO Rating (Dec 2008) is 2597 and he is placed on rank 174 in the world.

Parimarjan's Chess Games


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