Play Chess against Computer

Play chess against computer vs different online chess programs here on this page. Some are javascript applets, but most are flash programs. However, you will have fun....unless you lose every game, of course.

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Play Chess against Computer below

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Computer Chess Stockfish

play chess against computer
Play Chess against Stockfish - the best chess software on the net.

This chess program will take you apart, slowly but surely. On the left side of the board you see a bar which moves down when your position gets worse.

If you want to play the Black side then select "HUMAN" on the top right side and "COMPUTER" on the top left side. Good Luck!

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Javascript Chess Game

play chess against computer
Play against Javascript Chess

This is a very interesting javascript chess game which plays a decent game. I'm sure you will like it. I have cut down some features to keep it simple.

Flash Chess Program

play chess against computer
This is a strong and nice Chess Flash Program and my favorite. Try to win!

Flash Chess III

play chess against computer
If you still lose, then don't jump off the bridge, play this program, it is a bit weaker, but it still does show its teeth sometimes, so be careful. You can play it in a big window. Beat It!

Flash 64-bit Chess

play chess against computer
This is probably the best Chess Flash Program on the Net. Beat It!.

If you lose a lot of games, don't despair, there is help coming on the horizon. Just study high power Chess Teaching Video Courses created by Chess Grandmaster Igor Smirnov.

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Fruit Chess

play chess against computer
Another good Flash Chess Program is Flash Fruit Chess. Beat It!.

Strong Flash Chess Program

play chess against computer
Play against this chess program, but don't cry when you lose. It is strong.
Strong Flash Chess Program

NEW! - Flash Ziccidus Chess

free chess games
This program I found lately, is good-looking and still strong.
Beat Ziccidus Chess.

Play chess against computer versus weak programs below to get started. They are easier to beat because they don't follow correct chess principles. They place chess pieces on dubious squares, push too many pawns which creates weaknesses in the position. And they don't know any opening theory, of course.

Easy Chess - Play White only

online chess vs computer
Have you been ripped to pieces again? Well, not to worry! Here it comes... Not sure if it is weaker than the one above. But it is weak and good for learning chess. Beat It!

Weak Flash Chess

online chess vs computer
Did you lose again? What should I do with you? Try this Flash Chess that plays weaker. Beat It!

Weak Robo Chess - a bad Player

online chess vs computer
Right! I understand. You lost again... I give you now my last two shots. These weak playing programs are very weak. Well, maybe not for you. Try it and when you can beat them, then move up to the stronger programs. Take your time, you will improve eventually... only God knows how long it will take.
Beat the Chess Robot!

BattleChess - Play White only

free chess games
Beat Battle Chess


Training Positions

Play Training Positions!

Play free Chess Games vs Humans

Play Humans!


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